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I.E.R.F.O.P. Onlus (European Institute for Research, Training and Vocational Guidance) is a non-profit VET institution founded in 1988, by the will of the main associations representing all the disabilities (blind, deaf, physical disabled etc.).
The Institute has progressively expanded its training and education provision in different areas and for different categories of users, and it is committed to the constant improvement of educational processes.
The primary goal of the organisation is the integration and reintegration of disadvantaged groups (mainly disabled people) into the labour market, through guidance and training aimed at facilitating the socio-economic autonomy and integration of disabled people and elderly, by supporting their access to education.
I.E.R.F.O.P. objectives are:
– To enhance and promote the skills and competences of any individuals;
– To raise awareness and promote access to education for the disabled, in order to allow a greater integration of them into society and the world of work;
– To train social service workers for the disabled;
– To Improve the system according to the requirements of ISO 9001;
– To meet customers satisfaction aiming at the progressive improvement of the services offered.

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PRISM is a non-profit social enterprise with the mission to create equal opportunities for the responsive progress of societies and people.
A co-planning hub, open to public and private actors, aimed at valorizing diversity and sharing the social, cultural and economic resources of local communities, from an European and international perspective. PRISM annually assesses its social impact by evaluating all forms of significant change experienced by individuals and communities, following their involvement in our activities as “co-experts”.

The impact considers the enhancement of income and the level of integration
in the labour market, innovations in the field of education, social inclusion and relationship changes, the effects on physical and mental health and the general impact on quality of life and well-being.

The main areas of intervention are:
– Entrepreneurship and Emplyability
– Research, Innovation and new Technologies
– Social Cohesion, Euity and Equality
– Local Development and Sustainability
– International Cooperation, Mobility and Youth

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Founded in 2003 by a group of experts working in the field of business consultancy and management of small and medium sized enterprises, and business support organizations, OECON Group is a European management consulting firm and a leading advisor in business strategy, social entrepreneurship, as well as an adult education centre established in Thessaloniki, Greece. We collaborate with clients and beneficiaries from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, train their personnel and transform their organizations. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of organizations, enterprises and markets, with respect to the needs of society and to the respective target groups. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.

In addition, OECON Group has extensive experience in providing VET oriented courses for adults. Focusing mainly in supporting the sustainable development of economy, we help guide individuals and companies in their life-long-learning pathway. We have a special interest in promoting a sustainable development mindset, especially in the entrepreneurial sector, working with spin-offs and start-ups, investing in business angels and in-depth research.




University Rehabilitation Institute, Republic of Slovenia is the central National Health Institute for comprehensive and interdisciplinary rehabilitation of patients with functional and workplace impairments. In more the 60 years of its existence, the Institute has become an internationally recognized institution, which with its expertise, experience, research promotes the development of rehabilitation.

It performs the most demanding tasks on the secondary and tertiary levels, in the field of physical medicine, rehabilitation and application of technical devices, as well as in the area of psycho-social rehabilitation and occupational and employment rehabilitation. Other tasks are carrying out research work, the tasks and functions of diagnosis and triage, pedagogical work for high schools, institutions of higher education, faculties and other forms of education and training. During this time, he has helped tens of thousands of patients to improve their quality of life and return to a proper living environment. At the same time, it has become an important institute in the European and global rehabilitation area.
In addition, OECON Group has extensive experience in providing VET oriented courses for adults. Focusing mainly in supporting the sustainable development of economy, we help guide individuals and companies in their life-long-learning pathway. We have a special interest in promoting a sustainable development mindset, especially in the entrepreneurial sector, working with spin-offs and start-ups, investing in business angels and in-depth research.

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The Polish Sign Language Foundation is an experienced and passionate team of experts in accessibility for the deaf. We try to raise the rank of Polish Sign Language in our country, as well as to facilitate the everyday life of people with hearing impairments. Our team is full of enthusiasm and energy, which is why we are constantly looking for new ideas to eliminate various existing barriers.
We popularize Polish Sign Language and Deaf culture in the mass media, in culture, in educational institutions and public institutions, promote communication in Polish Sign Language, teach children, teenagers and adults Polish Sign Language.

The main goal of our foundation is to act in favor of accessibility for the Deaf in various fields: in culture, sport, religion, education and everyday life. Eliminating barriers resulting from hearing impairment, integration and social activation.




Croatian association of deafblind persons Dodir is a national, non-governmental and non-profit organisation. It was founded in December 1994 as a small organisation gathering only four deafblind persons, that now has grown into an organisation with five local associations in Osijek, Split, Varaždin, Lovran and Zagreb. One of the Association’s main missions is to create an inclusive environment for deafblind person – the goal is to promote the interests of deafblind people in Croatia and elsewhere by achieving their basic human rights to education, rehabilitation, communication and socialization. The Association believes in the uniqueness and potential of each individual, their gifts, desires and needs. It respects the dignity and right of every person to lifelong learning and development, the right to self-determination and choice. It supports the diversity of needs of each individual and provides them with individual programs and services. It also provides support to the individual and encourages self-help activities to achieve the desired levels of skills and independence that lead to an improvement in the quality of life. For many years has the Association played a key role in implementation of educational programmes of professional sign language interpreters for deaf and deafblind persons, developing and setting standards for the provision of this type of social services, promoting and achieving cooperation at national and international levels, and providing many social services for deaf and deafblind persons. Association Dodir provides professional sign language interpreters for deaf or deafblind persons. Our main strengths are educational programs for learning national sign language and programs for sign language interpreting

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Sensus is an NGO for youth and adult education. It is a meeting place for education and culture, book circles, arts and crafts, concerts and lectures – About 20.000 thousand people participate in the activities of Sensus every year. Sensus offers possibilities to development and learning for all, to meet people and to experience culture.

Sensus works for an active engagement in building a democratic society. Sensus strives for a genuine understanding of our times and our society and have a constant mutual dialogue with our participants and partner associations. Sensus collaborates with over 4.000 associations, parishes, scout corps and organizations around the country. Some are members of one of our 32 member organizations or 15 national partners, but many are local or regional associations that are not part of a larger organization that has a partnership with us or individuals who participate in circles and events. A collaboration with us means great opportunities for support in your public education activities.