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Kick-off Meeting in Cagliari

Kick-off Meeting in Cagliari

Talking Hands ✌️

📌The 1st Transnational Project Meeting took place in Cagliari, Italy between 13-14/12, hosted by the coordinating partner IERFOP.
The project’s partners derive from Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, and Sweden, and all of them contributed to the meeting.

Are you a relative’s friend, or colleague of deaf persons or are you interested to learn basic elements of sign language? Then don’t miss what’s coming!
The project Talking Hands aims to develop and promote sign language courses through an open online platform, addressed mainly to relatives, friends, and colleagues of deaf persons.

✔️ These courses will be available on the project platform for everyone without any restrictions and at any time anyone will be able to have access to interactive material that will help to gain basic knowledge of sign language for the topic of interest.

✔️ Learn how to communicate with a Deaf person.

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Kick Off Article
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